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We create software products for fast, simple and effective company process control and management.

We help our customers all around the world with registering, planning, managing, reporting, evaluating and rewarding the work of their employees. We pass on information, share documents, ensure the completion of shared work and oversee the schedule of major construction projects.

We manage and monitor production, organize maintenance, plan occupancy of private jets.

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You always have everything ready
to hand

We believe that software should support employees, we therefore design it with respect to maximal clarity and easy use. In our systems users always see only the information that they currently need for their work. System supervises deadlines and ensures full substitutability.

We will complement your new system with an application for mobile phones, thanks to which employees will immediately be notified of any unplanned events or new work assignments. The unexpected events can be then immediately solved withing the boundaries of the application – no need to access a computer.

Application can also operate in all-rounder and watertight mobile phones, which will allow functioning of systems even in environments, where the use of work notebooks is no longer safe.

Our programs make work easier

All our applications are mutually compatible. Your new system can be connected to the Chronos attendance system, the DeMoSthenes system for managing documentation, the Academiq educational portal or the Teamplay Helpdesk system for managing maintenance.

Every employee can access only those modules, options and information which they specifically need for their work – in one place and in a unified graphic interface.

Integration with existing infractructure

Through the Teamplay platform, it is possible to connect all our systems with any third-party service or application.

Connection can be realized through real-time API, web services, exchange of JSON, XML, CVS documents or utilizing shared network folders.

Apart from that, Teamplay is also able to monitor data from your existing electronic devices. Based on such data, Teamplay can help you manage these.

Data from all devices can be combined with data from the system. Based on these data sets, new topical and historic overviews can be created, trends evaluated, assignments given, requirements of maintenance created or warnings about potential problems announced in due time.

System under control

Supervision over the systems is realized with the help of automatic controls in combination with periodic updates of operational systems and their components, regular prophylactic inspection and random check-ups. When encountering any errors or irregularies, the system will automatically generate a bug-report, which is always dealt with by real people who can take care of things that automatization cannot handle with such care.

We reveal defective values in imported data, evaluate the completion of critical assignments within enforced deadlines, detect unusual activity and block unauthorized attempts to log-in. In case of any incongruity, we will warn you sooner, before they can threaten your business. Functioning of all your systems is always under full control.

We make full use of the monitoring functionalities and extended technical support services in our datacentres in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS environments.

We will gladly supervise and service your key projects. Contact us for agreement of terms.

A system that lives

In regular intervals, we can change, upgrade and enhance improved functionalities based on your employees’ feedback, directives of quality control, legislative changes or new positions in the firm.

Individual requirements and proposals how to solve them can be discussed at regular meetings. Realizations of individual improvements to the system are being done continuously based on the assigned priority. Tested and approved changes can be employed immediately or based on a chosen schedule when all employees are sufficiently informed, or at the start of new legislative or conceptual changes.

Upgrading the system always happens within limits of maximum monthly workloads that can only be exceeded based on your request. You can be absolutely assured that your system will always fit the needs of your company and your costs will stay under your control.


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